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Galjaden manages and develops its own properties from Sundsvall in the north to Trelleborg in the south. Our long term portfolio consists of approximately 150,000 m2 of lettable surface area, exclusively consisting of commercial property within the retail, office and warehouse/industrial sectors. In addition, we have land for development and new construction.

Galjaden Fastigheter has been in business in the Swedish property market in a number of forms since 1996.

The first acquisitions in the Baltic States were carried out in close collaboration with local actors in 2010. We currently have six properties located in this region; a figure that is likely to increase as Galjaden is always seeking more interesting investments and is constantly aiming to increase its property portfolio in both Sweden and the Baltic States.

Galjaden has a strong financial position, making us a stable company and a strong lessor throughout the whole economic cycle, with long-term objectives for each project undertaken.

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About Galjaden

Galjaden is a Swedish property company that constantly seeks opportunities for expansion and new challenges. Our history includes many development projects where properties were transformed and/or expanded with good results, but we have also acquired vacant premises and pure management properties. Galjaden is not focused on transactions, but instead concentrates on improving and administering, which means that we take a long-term view of each project we undertake.

We combine comprehensive property knowledge with a solid business model and an extensive network of skilled consultants in order to take quick decisions when evaluating and finding the right solution for each property or tenant.

We are happy to collaborate with companies and other parties seeking new premises but who require support during the construction and administration process. We manage the whole process, which can be everything from finding land and altering detailed development plans to constructing and supplying finished premises designed in close collaboration with the future tenant.

Galjaden is owned by Peter Gyllenhammar AB (80%) and the CEO, Martin Hansson (20%). Peter Gyllenhammar AB is an investment and industrial ownership company, with a portfolio containing both listed and unlisted companies. As a result of our financial strength and a strong parent company with a significant investor network, Galjaden has considerable ability to implement transactions.

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Chart representing the three different parts of Bronsstadet AB

Our Projects

We have undertaken many and varied transformation and development projects over the years. We present below a selection of the projects carried out under Galjaden’s auspices in close collaboration with skilled planners and architects, and not least with entrepreneurs who together with us have been able to find alternative financial and practical solutions, with specially adapted solutions for our customers.

In 2006 we acquired Pfizer’s then head office in the knowledge that it was to be vacated, and began to actively seek new tenants.

The first of these was SQC, a subsidiary of Vattenfall, which required approximately 1300 m2 for their business. The premises were adapted and a new stairwell constructed by Skanska in order to simplify the flow between floor levels.

The remaining space of around 3500 m2 was ultimately leased by an international English school (EBAB) on a long contract. In collaboration with EBAB, the premises were adapted for educational activities, to fulfil the accessibility demands applying to schools, particularly in terms of safety. Pfizer’s former staff dining room was given a new lease of life as a catering dining hall for almost 500 pupils.

Attempts were made to exploit the remaining unexploited building rights, but without result. Instead a new detailed development plan was created that finally enabled total floor area of 13700 sqm for housing, which was sold to JM Borätt who took the baton and carried out the construction and sales. Link to the project, click here. In connection with this, the original building that housed the English School and SQC was sold. The financial results of the entire project was completed satisfactorily, and we are very pleased to have been a part of developing not only the building but the whole area.

The property was acquired in February 2010. At that stage it had been used for many years as a hose workshop by a hydraulic hose manufacturing company.

Soon after this, a contract was signed with Swedol, with whom Galjaden had previously undertaken successful collaborations, and the adaptations began.

The façades were rerendered, the premises repainted internally, the floors sanded, and new ventilation and new energy-efficient light fittings were installed.

When the project was completed, Galjaden obtained a Satisfactory return on it’s investment with a long contract, and Swedol achieved a lease below the current market rates for the area, for practically tailor-made premises.

The rebuild was carried out by Skanska, with Tyréns acting as monitoring consultant and ensuring that everything was documented and managed according to prevailing standards.

The property was acquired in 2009 and leased by Dahl AB.

At an early stage of the process, the decision was made to renovate the property on behalf of the tenant, and a calculation stage then began. The conclusion was that it would be very expensive to undertake such an extensive renovation to the standards applicable under new legal requirements. The choice to demolish the property and instead build anew was first considered to be too expensive, but was made possible by rearranging the land in order to make space for a further tenant following the new construction work.

By laying out the conference room, dining room and personnel spaces jointly for the two tenants, the economic conditions were achieved to build entirely new premises adapted to the tenants’ requirements, for approximately the same cost as a renovation.

This assignment was awarded to the local but very able company Thages Byggnads AB, with a construction manager from Cowi, which has local ties with Kristianstad.

In 2004, poolimon, one of Söderköping’s largest employers, closed its operations and one of the largest buildings in Söderköping became more or less vacant.

In November 2005, the property entered Galjaden’s ownership, and extensive and lengthy work began to redistribute ventilation, construct dividing walls, separate electricity supplies etc.

Buildings were sectioned up for different tenants and parts of buildings were adapted to facilitate incoming and outgoing transport for tenants.

Today, three plastics companies are housed in the premises, which are clearly well-suited to this type of industry.

At the time of writing, the property is almost fully leased and the tenants include the plastics industry, warehousing, offices, a foundry, a veterinary clinic and even a bakery.



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